How to make friends and influence…chickens

It’s been a busy few weeks since my last post, so I thought I would do a quick update. Work and home life are battling for my attention at the moment and it’s tough juggling both. It is tiring, but also rewarding too, so I can’t complain too much.

The chicks are now at 4 weeks old and almost fully feathered. I expected the weather to be a bit warmer than it has been, so the chicks have only been outside a handful of times when it is sunny, but they seem to enjoy it.

As much as I love the chicks, unfortunately they hate me. Well it’s not just me, it’s all human contact. Which is a shame considering that I am their adopted mother, but I have only got myself to blame. When they were first hatched I was terrified of accidently killing them. Ensuring that they were not too cold was paramount to this. I was worried that if I opened the lid of the broody box they were all going to die. Extreme I know and probably unjustified. This meant I didn’t really handle them much for the first few weeks, if not at all. When I did handle them, it was very briefly to change their bedding or for a quick photo opportunity. I have since realised I did not interact with them half as much as I should’ve in those first few days, in order for them not to be terrified of me.

I see them everyday, I talk to them, feed them and ensure they’re kept warm. But every time I go near their cage they squeal in terror and fly about the place, hitting the roof and going mental. Brilliant. This was not the crazy chicken lady relationship I thought that we would have. I had visions of them perched on my shoulder, eating out of my hand and giving me hugs like that YouTube video of the chicken hugging the small boy. I want that goddammit! So I’ve tried a new tactic. Mealworms. It’s like chocolate/crack to chickens. The first time I offered the chicks a meal worm, they just stared at it all huddled together, looking at it like it was laced with poison. My other half assured me that these things take time. But how long? Days, weeks, months?! I wanted instant results. Well I didn’t get them. But I am getting somewhere. They are now tentatively eating some of the mealworms I hold inside the cage. Some are more confident than others. It’s baby steps but I think in time they will come round to the fact that I am not that scary. Most of the time anyway. Let’s hope the new chicks waiting to hatch will like me more! Only 48 hours to go!

Duck jail update: After persevering with keeping Princess Leia in the enclosure with only one place to lay, we finally have a broody duck! Well, we had a broody duck before, but now we have a broody duck in a safe place that we can keep an eye on. She seems happy enough and in about 28 (ish) days, hopefully we’ll have a few ducklings. Unfortunately she has only nested about 5 eggs (on previous occasions she’s gathered up to 13 eggs before sitting!) so there is a chance she’ll hatch none. Which will be a real shame and I’m tempted to incubate some of her fellow duck’s eggs in the incubator so that if none of hers hatch, we have back-ups. I’ll keep you posted!

As for the pigs, it’s been such an awesome 3 months, I am obviously going to be sad to see these porkers go. They are always so pleased to see me, mostly because they see me as a food source (figuratively and literally) but they have brought joy to not only myself but to the local community that live in and around the estate too. In rural Devon you can’t keep much secret, not in a community as small as this. So we have had a lot of visitors to the pigs, who have heard about them and it’s lovely. I saw one of the local farmers and his son drive up on their quad bike this evening. I introduced myself and he said he takes his son (about 3 years old) to see the pigs everyday. So it’s nice to know they are getting something out of it too.

We have arranged for some replacement pigs, some Oxford Sandy and Black pigs, which will be ready end of May/beginning of June. These are also considered a rare breed. There will be about a week between the British Lops leaving and the OSB’s arriving. So we won’t be long without pigs.

These aren’t actually the piglets we’re getting, but an example of what ours will look like!

In other news, we will be going to the Devon County Show on Thursday which will hopefully be a lovely day out (keep your fingers crossed for the weather!). We were regulars are the Romsey Show every year without fail and I have actually offered to help out on the Rare Breed Survival Trust’s stand at the Mid Devon show in June, so looking forward to that too. It’s tough integrating yourself into the local community when we live in such an isolated area, but we’re getting there!

Let’s see if we can come home empty handed! #animaladdiction 

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